Party Types

集體聯誼聚會Group Sex

The ratio of male and female is around 2 to 1. Play some sex games and have sex. Do not expect the ratio is 1:1 because this is the best ratio for both males and females, can't be more or less.

Want to be slaves or mistress? Males like to be beated by ladies. Of coure, ladies are also welcome to be salves here. Don't worry, no blood will be seen. We are only in kinderarden level on SM.

Tired of indoor games, why not join our outdoor activeis such as boat trip, BBQ or hot spring. Don't forget to be naked and have sex outside. We don't know how to have outdoor activities in dressing.

You can enjoy to fight with many men by you own. We can even make your own horny DVD if you want. You can put on masks if you are shy.
一女多男性愛聚會Couples Meeting

Couples to couples with single girls parties are here, the ratio of male and female is 1 to 1, or girls more than males. No more shy.
SM 聚會Naked Meeting

Good for the ladies and couples who just start group sex, no sex involed here but naked activities such as touching and oil massage. Sorry, not for new guys.