We have ran this club for 18 years! For western guys, it is extremely IMPORTANT for you to understand that we are an ASIAN club! By asian we mean you MUST adapt to our ASIAN culture! This is rule number ONE! If you don’t even respect this rule, then you can GTFO and don’t bother. The rules have been almost the same and we strictly interview and ask for each boys to pay for a member fee to be able to be admitted to our family. Why? Quality? If you complain about about the money? Then you are not for us….. unfortunately the statistic tells us that “cheap ass” does “cheap shit”, so there you go! If you wonder why we need to take a $1000 deposit and then do an interview before we even allow you to pay for the rest of the member fee? Then think 3 times before you even bother with our application form. There are lots of people out there who wants to join us and at the same time not wanting to be kicked out of our club.

Hi guys and girls, my name is Ethan. Glad to step on board as your new host of COMEXXX! Just a short intro of myself, if you wonder who I am, I have been in this community for a long time and have met many of you out there 🙂 I am a guy who enjoys life to its maximum, fine food, alcohol, cigars, travel, spa, the list goes on…Lastly, I want to say that I am extremely delighted to be part of the family of the biggest sex party group in Hong Kong! And now, as a new host of COMEXXX, it will be my responsibility to make this club bigger and better internationally.